8/1 Jason Graham 1-4pm


8/6 Go Gadget Go 6-9pm


8/7 Early August 2-5pm Hugh Mcqueen Band 6-9pm


8/8 Sean Daley 1-4pm


8/13 The Jazz Depot 6-9pm


8/14 Mooncow 2-5pm Joppa Flatts 6-9pm



- Big Dave and the Captain 10-1pm

- Drive South 1-4pm


8/19 HHF Movie Night- Bar/Restaurant @5:30

Movie @ 8:30pm


8/20 The Flat Five 6-9pm


8/21 Quincy Lord 2-5pm Soulstice 6-9pm


8/22 Dave Harrington 1-4pm


8/27 Aftermath 6-9pm


8/28 Scott Babineau 2-5pm Mill Town Rounders 6-9pm


8/29 Andy Fitchel 1-4pm






9/3 Wheelhouse 5-8pm


9/4 Scott Babineau 1-4pm Petty Larceny 5-8pm


9/5 Lizzy Marquis 1-4pm Sean Daley and the Hooligans 5-8pm


9/6 Evan Foisy 1-4pm


9/10 Max Recoil 5-8pm


9/11 Cory Bazillion 1-4pm New Pond Fondle 5-8pm


9/12 Marquis Koivu Duo 1-4pm


9/17 The Randy McGravey Band 5-8pm


9/18 HHF Harvest Jam

- The Maniac Loves You 12-3pm

(Tickets required after 3pm)

- Sobernaught 3-6pm

- Town Meeting 6:30-9:30pm


9/19 The Blue Collar Ramblers 1-4pm


9/23 HHF Movie Night- Bar/Restaurant open @ 4:30

Movie @7:30


9/24 A Phine Connection 5-8pm


9/25 Booty and the Jett 1-4pm Samantha Rae Whiskey 6 5-8pm


9/26 Bruce Andrews and the No Street Band 1-4pm


Are you a musician? Want to play here at the farm?  




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