Patriot - Early to Late July

Patriot is an early variety released by the University of Maine, where growing seasons are short. Patriot blueberries are typically large with very good flavor.


Blueray - Mid July to Early August

Blueray is an early-midseason blueberry. The large, dark-blue berries, with sweet, high-quality flavor, make Blueray an excellent choice for the home gardener. Blueray is widely planted throughout the Northeast and Midwest.


Bluecrop - Mid July to Early August

This blueberry variety is especially popular in New Jersey and Michigan. It produces high yields of large, bright blue berries that are firm and grow in large clusters. The berry flavor is superb, fresh or frozen.


Ellio - Mid August to Mid September

Elliott is considered the latest of all varieties, fruiting through September. Berries are medium-sized, firm and have a light-blue color. Berries should be picked fully ripe for best taste. 

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