Hollis Hills Farm



Hollis Hills Pasture Management specializes in bulk spreading. With our flotation truck, we spread agricultural lime, commercial fertilizer, wood ash and, bio-pellet fertilizer. There is no job too small, from just a few acres to fields in the hundreds!


            Our goal is to help farmers, large and small to maximize on their land. As farmers ourselves, we try our hardest to produce the best quality feed and pasture land for our animals. With this mindset, we are here to help other farmers with our spreading services.


            New England soil is naturally acidic, and combined with the use of fertilizer, and continued use, our fields need proper maintenance. The first step always is to adjust for proper pH. This adjustment is done by applying either dolomitic or hydrated lime. Some fields needing minor adjustment may require as little as one ton per acre, while other fields in severe neglect may need multiple applications of two-three tons per acre. Once our soil has a proper pH, an appropriate fertilizer, whether synthetic, or organic can be chosen with the aid of a soil sample.


            Hollis Hills Pasture Management has two different management plans. Both start with a soil sample from your fields, and then depending on need and desire, either one or two yearly fertilizer applications can be chosen.   


            Pricing is always dependent on location and volume. For a quote, please e-mail a request with your name, location, acreage.