Galletta strawberries were released by Dr. Jim Ballington, NC State University in 2010. These berries ripen early in the season and produce large sized berries. Their attractive, glossy fruit have an excellent flavor.



Cavendish strawberries first originated in Nova Scotia; these berries offer an excellent flavor and great quality fruit.



Ripening mid-season, this variety of strawberries typically presents large berries with superb quality and flavor.



Mayflower strawberry is a late mid-season variety. Bred by David Simpson at the EMR (East Mailing Research Center), UK, when ripe, Mayflower produces firm berries.


A.C. Valley Sunset

AC Valley Sunset was bred by Andrew Jamieson in Kentville, Nova Scotia. This strawberry is a late season variety that produces barriers that are lighter red, shiny and large-sized.



The Malwina strawberry was bred by Peter Stoppel in Germany. This late season variety presents fruit that is glossy and dark red with an excellent flavor.

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